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After row, IGIMS Patna drops ‘virgin’ from marriage declaration form

The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) in Patna deleted the word ‘virgin’ from its marital declaration form on Thursday, a day after the issue was reported and led to controversy. The medical institute has drafted and issued a new form now, reported news agency ANI.

On Wednesday, IGIMS’s marriage declaration form was brought to light in which the institute sought details on its employees’ virginity and marriages. In its form, it asked whether workers were married, how many wives they had, or if they were widowed or bachelors.

Reacting to the controversy earlier today, Bihar health minister Mangal Pandey had insisted that there was nothing objectionable to the term as it translated to ‘unmarried girl’. He had said, “The word which is used is ‘virgin’. It means kanya, kunwaari… (unmarried girl, maiden). I don’t think these words are objectionable. But still this issue is being raised. I had a word with the officials of the IGIMS. They said this is the format of AIIMS and since 1983, it is being used in every organisation of the country,” reported ANI.

Meanwhile, Manish Mandal, Medical Superintendent at IGIMS, when questioned on the form had said, “IGIMS follows AIIMS which in turn follows CCS rules. Form is according to prescribed rules. Virgin doesn’t have anything to do with virginity but marital status. If a person joins in&then dies who would be claimant? Rules are made by the government and the Constitution. If they change the word, we will change it too.”

Source: indianexpress

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