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Al-Qaeda vows attack on Hindu outfits involved in killing Muslims, destroying mosques

HinduTerrorist group al-Qaeda has said it will target Hindu “separatist” organisations involved in the destruction of mosques and Muslims’ property and the killing or forced conversion of Muslims.

It has also pledged to target the “leadership” of India’s military, police and “secret agencies,” and specifically, “those officers of the Indian military who have the blood of our Kashmiri brothers on their hands.”

These declarations appear in a document titled ‘Code of conduct for Mujahideen in the subcontinent.’

Al-Qaeda said the Indian state was its “top priority, after American and Israeli targets,” but added that it’s objective wasn’t to attack “common” Hindus, Buddhists or people of other faiths.

“This is because our war is against the armed groups belonging to these religions that are oppressing the Muslims,” it said.


The group accused the Indian state of oppressing Muslims, especially in Kashmir, promoting anti-Muslim bigotry, and having allied itself with the US, Russia and Israel against “the Islamic and jihadi awakening in the entire region,” among other things.

“The Indian state is the fundamental obstacle in the formation of an Islamic India. Islam has governed India for one thousand years. Hence in that respect, it is our religious objective to bring that Islamic land under the flag of Islam, under the rule of Tahweed (the Oneness of God),” it said.

Source: indiatoday

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