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Anchorman Cast Talk Cameos: What Was Kanye West Like? Why Didnt Meryl Streep Join? Watch to Find Out!

In case you werent aware, almost all of Hollywood will be making a cameo in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (which hits theaters tomorrow! Gah!).

And one of those familiar faces on the big screen will be none other than Kanye West. So what was it like to work with the rapper?

He taught me how to find love in my heart, Will Ferrell told E! News at the films press junket in New York City, but wouldnt reveal the details because its very personal, of course.

AnchormanMeanwhile, his costar David Koechner said, He taught me I could work a lot harder, because thats what he did—honest to God—on set. When he wasnt on camera, he was working.He was on his computer writing, on his phone talking about his next photo shoot. Hes like a whirl of activity, Ferrell added.

Paul Rudd admitted that he learned something from Yeezy, but stayed mum on the specifics because Kanye and I are working together…thats all I can reveal. Ugh. Deets, please?!

Ye is part of a very long list of A-list celebs who will be features on the film. Director Adam McKay explained to E! News, Basically we made a list of who our dream people would be to walk out as cameos, and we called them. And then, they all, for the first time ever, said yes.

Well, almost all of them.

There was one person…we wanted Meryl Streep, and she didnt do it, he said. Producer Judd Apatow added, But she regrets it, we know she regrets it.

Nobody could give a solid reason as to why the iconic actress opted out of the project, but Christina Applegate offered one possibility: Maybe she was just intimidated?

Anchorman3Well, maybe (probably not), but whatever the reason is, its not because Streep didnt want to be in the anticipated sequel. We got it on good authority that she wanted to be in the movie, but when we sussed it out it couldnt happen for one reason or another, Ferrell had previously told E! News at GQs Man of the Year party in L.A.

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