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Jonah Hill Talks Making Leonardo DiCaprio Throw Up and Why Loving Leo Made The Wolf of Wall Street Better

Asked by E! News if it was true whether Leonardo DiCaprio had really thrown up on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street after Hill decided to utilize his improv skills to get back at Leo for all the script-mandated physical abuse he endured at the bigger mans hands, the actor fired back, Yes! Why, he said he didnt?

Hill had previously told WENN that DiCaprio basically beat the crap out of him for six months, so during a scene when DiCaprio asked him if he wanted the last piece of sushi and Hill was supposed to say yes, Hill instead kept saying , No, you have it.

Many takes later and DiCaprio was throwing up into a waste bin.

So, has his costar taken his revenge yet?

Well, now he is! Hill told E! News, smiling, at the New York press junket for the Martin Scorsese-directed film. Since you asked him that question hes probably going to beat me up again!

But overall, it sounds as if the pair, who play longtime buddies in the film, got along famously.

LeonardoNo, hes the greatest, Hill admitted. I was really happy with how [his and Leo’s characters’] relationship is, you know the business partners and best friends,and I think if I didnt love and respect Leo and have that love for him, that wouldnt have come through as much as it did.

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