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That one day when Salman Khan’s family visited him in jail

A ‘one bedroom suite’. That’s how Salman Khan chose to describe his prison cell to his family; the superstar served jail time twice — in 2006 and 2007. A good sense of humour always helps in adversity, for you can laugh at it later. The superstar perhaps believed this, and today, years later, he has a funny story to share about the darkest phase of his life.

SalmanRecalling one particular day when his parents and uncle came to meet him in jail, the actor laughed at how his father scolded his uncle for crying on seeing Salman. “There was a time when my dad, mom and my chacha came to see me in jail. My uncle was seeing me after a very long time. So, he asked me, ‘How is it going?’ I said, ‘It’s good, it’s a one bedroom suite. It’s cool.’ My uncle started crying. So, my dad said, ‘Yar tum kaise pathan ho. Tum bahar jao yar! (What kind of pathan are you? Please go outside).”

Salman has left that time behind but was reminded of it on Thursday evening, at the trailer launch of Tubelight, as he talked about his “embarrassing” moment when he found himself weeping while dubbing for the film. The war drama sees Salman play younger brother to his real life sibling Sohail Khan. The star admitted that the emotional sequences between them affected him so much that even during dubbing them, he became teary-eyed.
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“Sohail and I are playing brothers on screen and every time in the screenplay, there were emotional scenes, they used to really mess me up. (The film) was emotionally draining. Even during dubbing… It was embarrassing that a grown up man is dubbing and he knows it’s a film, it’s not even that you are shooting the film… you have already shot the scenes and now, you have to just lip-sync but tears came from my eyes. It was really bad. And coming from us…” Salman said.

Source: indianexpress

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